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BakeFreely markets exceptional flour mixes for the manufacturing of gluten free baked goods. Being part of the Bar-El Bakery in Israel (ESHBAL LTD.), we are experienced in developing and manufacturing a wide range of gluten free products. BakeFreely markets their products in the form of readymade dry mixes for manufacturing high quality, gluten free baked goods with ease.


Our products are sold in the Celiac Intolerance and Health Diet markets, helping us keep on top of quality and market trends and demands.


Purchasing our flour mixes is not a onetime transaction! We are always happy to share our knowledge on manufacturing processes, machinery, packing and more, in order to help you shorten your "Time to Market" to a minimum.


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Click here for our current local catalog of gluten free baked goods sold in Israel. BakeFreely flour mixes presented in this site were used for manufacturing most of the featured products.

Gluten-Free Baking Opportunities



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Industrial Mixes For Bakeries


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Home Baking Mixes


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For Home Baking Mixes


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BakeFreely - Gluten-Free Baking Opportunities


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