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About Us


The Beginning


Founded in 2003 in the Sharon Region in Israel, Bar-El Bakery. Is a company dedicated to maintaining a role as a leading producer of healthy and gluten-free baked products and baking mixes In Israel under the brand name of "Bar-El Bakery".


Bar-El Bakery set their objectives to develop and produce great tasting gluten free products based on superior raw materials to ensure the best results in taste, texture, nutritional value and shelf-life.


A decade later, Bar-El Bakery's products are in high demand in the Israeli retail market and the company is a certified manufacturer of Gluten Free Products fulfilling all quality assurance standards set by the Standards Institution of Israel and the Ministry of Health.



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Going Global


Gluten Free Going Global Set on distributing our knowledge overseas, BakeFreely, suppliers of high quality gluten-free baking mixes, was established and incorporated within our company. Inspired to lead the Gluten-Free and Health Food Markets, many resources are invested in research of growing demands for gluten-free products in the global market.


The efforts of our Research & Development team ensure that we are meeting the needs of the developing health trends and growing specialty markets including high quality products for Celiac disease and tasty solutions for specific diets such as gluten and sugar free, vegan, lactose-free and Kosher for Passover for the Jewish Ultra Orthodox amongst others. Gluten-Free Baking Industry- As experienced specialists in gluten-free baking mixes and flour blends, BakeFreely, offers manufacturers of gluten-free baked goods much more beyond our superior industrial baking products.

Our customers benefit from our years of investment in R&D, our baking experience and our innovative and varied product line.Our gluten-free baking mixes, backed by professional support and experience, guarantee optimal results with the baked products as well as a short time to market. Health Food Store and Food Store Chains- Retail packaging, private label or under our own branding, make BakeFreely's gluten-free baking mixes an ideal addition to specialty food departments. With gluten-free products in constant growing demand, our retail customers are able to offer a broader selection of top quality goods catering to their market needs. At BakeFreely, we believe in values and high standards. We achieve our mission of providing superior gluten-free products to our customers by remaining true to our core value of keeping to the highest standards in development, raw material, production, service, customer relations and work ethics. We are committed to being leaders in gluten-free and health food markets, focusing on market, product and production development together with a strong sense of responsibility to our customers.


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