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BRD201 – Bread mix

Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Cholesterol-Free, Lactose and Casein Free, No Trans fatty acids




A mix of flours, starches and functional ingredients in a light yellow color performing as a readymade dry mix for manufacturing high quality gluten free baked goods with ease.



The gluten free flour mix, with the suggested added ingredients, is for use at local bakeries for a variety of delicious GF baked goods such as rolls, buns, ciabatta, breads, pizza crust etc. (See product specification)



Easy to make. Free of Gluten, Sugar, Cholesterol, Lactose, Trans fatty acids, Kosher Parve. Excellent shelf life.


Package & Storage and Information

- Package: 40 Bags of 25 Kg flour mix (1 metric ton pallet)

- Storage: Cool, Dry and shaded environment (4-25 degree C)

- Shelf life: 18 months in proper storage

- 1 Kg of BRD201 flour mix can produce about 2.1 Kg of dough

- Minimum order: 1 pallet = 1,000Kg

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