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Bread & Buns

For Home Baking of GF baked goods




This flour mix is designed to produce excellent baked goods such as breads Buns and Rolls. It is also very good for baking Yeast pastries. There are a few recipe posted on the RECIPE page but it can basically replace regular flour in day to day recipes.



The gluten free flour mix, with the suggested added ingredients, is for use at home for a variety of delicious, homemade GF baked goods such as breads, buns, rolls and yeast pastries.



Easy to make, Free of Gluten, Sugar, Soy, Lactose and Casein, Trans fatty acids and preservatives. Some recipes are suitable for Vegan baking.
Kosher Parve.
Excellent shelf life.


Package & Storage and Information

- Package: 500g packs in a laminate bag, 10 bags in a carton, 128 cartons on a Euro Pallet (1280)

- Storage: Cool, Dry and shaded environment (4-25 degree C)

- Shelf life: 18 months in proper storage

- Minimum order: 1 pallet

Can be produced in Privet label for a minimum order

Bread & Buns


PDF |  Product DataSheet (Specification)


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